We have worked in the supplier diversity space for over 25 years.

    We are acutely aware of the challenges facing minority-owned and diverse-owned businesses. In general, minority business leaders face greater obstacles to accessing the capital needed to create and run their businesses. Race and gender disparities in lending continue to plague the diverse business community, hampering their long-term growth.

    Supplier Success is committed to helping suppliers — from every every walk of life, of all shapes and sizes — succeed in partnership with their corporate customers and lenders.

    Small business closures due to COVID-19

    Black-owned businesses lost during COVID-19
    Latinx-owned businesses lost during COVID-19
    Asian-owned businesses lost during COVID-19
    White-owned businesses lost during COVID-19

    Payment terms continue to increase

    When corporations extend their payment terms without offering a helpful supplier finance program in return, they shift the financial burden to their suppliers.

    Waiting additional days to get paid is a cash flow killer all small businesses, but especially so for diverse and minority-owned businesses. Diverse businesses often borrow at high interest rates in order to survive while waiting for their customer invoices to be paid.

    Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) Increases by Year

    Race and Gender Disparities in Lending

    Black and Hispanic business owners are half as likely to apply for business loans, and for good reason — they’re half as likely to be approved.

    Ethnicity of those who did not apply for loans due to fear of rejection
    Ethnicity of those approved for loans

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