Before you apply for a small business loan with Supplier Success, let’s determine whether a loan makes sense for your business or not.

    Common questions about our small business loan application

    • Will applying for a loan negatively affect my credit score?
      No. We only use a “soft credit pull” that does not impact your credit in any way.
    • Who is Lendio?
      Lendio is our online lending technology partner and an industry leader in the financial services industry. Lendio has facilitated more than 216,000 small business loans and has worked with Supplier Success since 2016 to fund diverse-owned businesses.
    • How are you different from other popular online lenders?
      Through our partnership with Lendio, you receive offers from over 75 lenders with one loan application, rather than applying to each service one-by-one. This marketplace-based approach generates more competitive offers.
    • How fast can I receive my money?
      You will receive offers within 48 hours of a completed application, and can receive funding as quickly as one week after applying.
    • How much money can you lend me?
      We can finance loans up to $3M using our online lending solution. If you need a loan larger than $3 Million, you should schedule a quick call with our team to examine your best options.
    • How long does it take to complete the application?
      Apply in just 15 minutes with one simple application. There’s no fee or obligation, and it won’t impact your credit.
    • Why do you ask what the purpose of the loan is for?
      Our loan underwriters simply want to know, in a broad sense, what the money is for before they lend it to you. This is a standard lending application question.
    • Why do you ask for collateral items?
      Certain lenders require you to possess certain assets in order to offer you a loan.
    • Why do you ask about my personal income?
      Some lenders want to understand what your company makes in revenue versus how much you are taking in as personal income. They want to be sure that the loan is going to your business, and not your personal bank account.
    • Why do you ask about my personal credit score?
      Personal credit may or may not be a factor depending on how long you have been in business. For new businesses without much credit history, personal credit is a significant factor. The longer you have been in business, the less chance there is of your personal credit score being a factor to lenders.
    • Why do you ask for my bank statements?
      Bank statements are needed for underwriting all business loans. This is a standard piece of information needed by lenders before issuing a loan offer.

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