No one knows the supplier diversity space better than Supplier Success.

    With over 25 years of experience in supplier diversity, civil rights, and corporate procurement, our team has the best practices and know-how to help corporations identify and achieve their diversity objectives.

    We help corporations build cutting-edge supplier diversity programs that break the mold, turning vague objectives into measurable impact.

    Supplier diversity capabilities

    Exceed $1B in annual spend
    We help corporations identify areas where they increase spending with diverse-owned businesses, so that they can gain entry to the Billion Dollar Roundtable (BDR).
    Certify eligible suppliers
    We can help your suppliers who qualify for one or more diverse-owned business attributes get certified, which boosts your supplier diversity spend.
    Build capacity
    Corporations often have diverse suppliers they love, but wished they could supply other areas of their business. We can facilitate the growth of your favorite suppliers to new areas of expertise.
    Identify hidden diverse spend
    Some of your suppliers may be diverse-owned and you don't even know it. We help identify diverse-owned businesses that already exist and help them get certified.
    Form strategic alliances
    We can help orchestrate the formation of a joint venture or strategic alliance between your favorite diverse suppliers and non-diverse businesses, creating new avenues for diverse spending.
    Competitor & industry analysis
    We provide competitive benchmarks on how your corporate supplier diversity efforts are performing relative to your industry peers.
    I really think that this is revolutionary. It's just an incredible program. It's something that doesn't have a little bit of impact, it has a massive impact... specifically for diverse suppliers.
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    Mike Anguiano
    Founder, SupplyHive

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