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    Supplier Success is a supplier finance and corporate diversity consultancy based in Detroit, MI. Supplier Success focuses on solving access to capital issues facing diverse-owned businesses, strengthening the corporate supply chain, and improving corporate diversity and procurement efforts. Founded in 2014 by Louis Green, Supplier Success, LLC is a certified minority business enterprise.

    Win-Win Philosophy
    We place particular emphasis on achieving mutual success between the buyer and their suppliers. We provide a comprehensive supplier spend analysis and customized financial solutions for buyers to maximize savings from the supply chain without damaging the health of their suppliers. Our various electronic and early payment solutions are designed to help suppliers gain access to capital faster and at lower rates, helping to propel their future growth. In everything we do, we take a holistic approach. We never simply shift the burden from one party to another.
    Commitment to Suppliers
    Our name says it all — we are 100% committed to the success of suppliers using our financing solutions. The team behind Supplier Success has been serving the purchasing and supplier communities for over 20 years, and founded Supplier Success in 2014 specifically to address the cash flow needs of suppliers. Of course, we are able to do so while still delivering significant value to our corporate buyers in the form of savings, cash flow gain, supplier stability, and lower costs of goods and services over time.
    Diversity Advocates
    Supplier Success is well aware of the challenges facing the minority business community. A major constraint limiting MWBE growth is inadequate capital. Studies have shown that MWBEs are much less likely to apply and be approved for business loans than their majority counterparts. Supplier Success was founded with this statistic in mind. We ourselves are a certified MBE and we offer a compelling solution for those wishing to support the cause of supplier diversity.

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