What is EnterpriseCard?

EnterpriseCard is our virtual electronic credit card solution for the entire supply chain. EnterpriseCard payments are tied to a single supplier invoice, issued for a specific dollar amount. Supplier payment via virtual card eliminates the cost of paper check processing, reduces fraud, improves working capital, and speeds up supplier collection by 2-5 days, on average.

Who should use EnterpriseCard?

Any corporation seeking to eliminate the cost and effort associated with manual paper check processes should consider EnterpriseCard.

Which of my suppliers are right for EnterpriseCard?

EnterpriseCard is designed for any of your suppliers receiving over $200K in annual spend.

How EnterpriseCard works

EnterpriseCard delivers electronic supplier payments faster and more securely than paper checks, in a format that works with existing point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

EnterpriseCard automates the supplier payment and reconciliation process and drives efficiencies for both parties.

Why corporations like yours need EnterpriseCard

  • You can eliminate the cost of cutting/processing paper checks, with an average savings of $5.14 – $8.12 per check
  • You want to reduce the workload and backlog of A/P staff
  • You want to improve financial control of lost or stolen checks, and reduce fraud

Why your suppliers need EnterpriseCard

  • Instant payments eliminate their paper check processing costs, and save them 2-5 days.
  • They want 100% of their invoice value — not a discounted amount.
  • Accounting recognizes virtual card payment fees as a business expense on their balance sheet.
Benefits of EnterpriseCard
  • Eliminates costly internal paper check processes
  • Reduces check fraud
  • Increases internal visibility of payables
  • Hassle-free enrollment
  • Fees appear as an expense on the supplier’s balance sheet
  • EnterpriseCard FAQs

    Is there an added fee for suppliers using EnterpriseCard payments?

    There are no added fees or upcharges for enrolling in or using EnterpriseCard. Standard merchant fees do still apply, though.

    Does the supplier need any additional technology to accept virtual card?

    No. The supplier can simply use their existing POS system to process virtual card payments.

    How difficult is the supplier enrollment process?

    Supplier enrollment is easy. There are no fees to negotiate. There is no paperwork, lien release, letter of credit, nor KYC documentation needed to enroll.

    Do I have to change existing A/P systems and processes to make EnterpriseCard work?

    No. Buyers can keep all of their existing A/P systems and processes exactly as they are.

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