We help diverse suppliers

This is the illustrated story of why Supplier Success is committed to unlocking cash flow for suppliers.

The leadership team at Supplier Success has worked in the supplier diversity space for over 20 years and is acutely aware of the challenges facing minority owned businesses. In general, minority business leaders face greater obstacles to accessing the capital needed to create and run their businesses.

Supplier Success is committed to helping suppliers — from every ethnicity, every walk of life, of all shapes and sizes — receive fair value for the services they perform.

Here’s why:

Minority business owners are less likely to apply for loans.
They are also less likely to be approved for loans.

Bank Loan
Ethnicity of those who did not apply due to fear
White 15.3%
Black/Hispanic 37.35%
Ethnicity of those who were approved
White 69.20%
Black/Hispanic 30.53%

Minority businesses disproportionately rely on owner equity.
They also utilize less debt from banks.

Bank Loan Statistics
Distribution of Financial Capital Investments for
non-minority businesses
Distribution of Financial Capital Investments for
minority-owned businesses

Since the recession of 2008,
suppliers are getting paid later and later.

Longer Payment Terms
Average Days Payable Outstanding

March 2009

Average Days Payable Outstanding

July 2014